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If you’re thinking of whether you should incorporate social media to promote your business, this is the most important page you’ll ever read.

Social media has virtually changed the way we communicate. Just like how the internet and telephone changed the way we communicate (making postal mail almost dead), social media is likely to do the same as well with other forms of media overtime.

The only difference with social media is that different forms will co-exist. There won’t be one specific portal that will rule the world. There will be different portals with different demographics that communicate on entirely different devices.

With that said, here are 6 reasons why social media is extremely important for businesses…

1. Everybody Is Using It

That’s the reason social media stands out from every other media communication form. Almost every single person uses sites such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Facebook has over 400 million active users and is adding about a half million new users every single day.

A Fortune 500 company CEO is on Facebook. A local school janitor uses it as well to connect with his friends and relatives. That’s what social media is – it welcomes everyone regardless of their profession, age or money. It gives them a medium to communicate.

Earlier, Social media was only restricted to those who had computers with an internet connection in their homes. Smart phones (especially android smart phones) have changed that forever along with low cost data plans. People are now continually engaged on social media portals through their phones. In fact, there’s a high percentage of the population that’s engaged almost 24 * 7.

2. Allows You To Reach The Masses

The single most important reason why every single business must consider using social media is because it allows you to reach the masses like no other. Newspapers and TV ads help you reach the masses.

But they don’t help you target a specific demographic. As a result, such forms of media are only ideal for big brands whose demographic is everybody (For example – soaps, toothpaste, etc).

But what if you have a special soap that only works for women with acne? You want to be able to target these people. It’s easy to reach such folks using social media portals.

Regardless of whether you’re involved in B2B or B2C, you’ll find that you can reach your target customers a lot more easily and effectively with social media portals.

3. Increases Trust Among Customers

Trust is one critical factor that comes into consideration when people purchase things. They only purchase a product or service because they trust that this company’s product will help them get what they want. They don’t purchase otherwise. Building a community via social media portals allows you to build that trust with your customers.

Your customers know that if something goes wrong, all they have to do is to visit your Facebook Page and send a message to you and you’ll resolve it.

They know that it’s easy to hold a company accountable by posting a public message. This will increase their trust and they are more likely to choose you over your competitor because you are reachable via social media.

4. Provides You With An Effective And Fast Communication Medium

The reason why social media works so well for businesses is because it provides you with an effective, fast communication medium. Your customers no longer have to dial a toll free number to reach out to you. All they have to do is to visit your Facebook page, enter their product details, and you’ll be able to communicate with them.

Similarly, you can also reach out to your customers with a simple message on your timeline instead of having to send a postal email to each and every single of your customers. Portals such as Google Plus allow you to actually filter your prospects into special groups and communicate customized messages to just one or multiple groups.

Customization matters a lot in this ever-changing business world. You need to be able to communicate with your customers in an effective way.

A bride wanting to lose weight and a mom that wants to lose weight post pregnancy need the same weight loss product to get what they want. However, it’s the way you communicate with them that will make them choose you over another.

For the bride, you need to be able to tell her that she’ll be able to lose weight before her wedding. Similarly for the mom, you need to tell her that she’ll be able to lose weight before her child starts walking and make her husband chase over her.

5. It Allows You To Measure

Social media marketing is nothing but classic direct response marketing via the internet if you use the right tools to track things. You can use Social media to attract new prospects, turn them into customers, sell them higher price products and offer support if you know to use the right tools.

The best part is there are so many tools on the internet that will allow you to measure your social media efforts effectively. Want to know how many people viewed your ad? You can know that. You’ll also know what percentage of users clicked on your ad and became a fan or opted in, etc.

It allows you to measure each and every single of your marketing efforts. None of the other forms of media allows you to do that.

6. Helps You Build A Culture

Bringing your employees to social media portals and having them flaunt about how cool your company is another benefit of using social media. Companies like Zappos just do this by creating a positive internal culture and then sharing it with the world. You can attract quality talent quickly by demonstrating your beautiful company culture via social media portals.

You don’t need to use social media sites just to attract new customers. You can also use to attract excellent employees that will really make a massive difference to your bottom line.

The best of companies in every niche are using social media to promote their business. What you are you waiting for? Create an effective social media marketing plan and get started right away. Don’t wait.

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